Cam Walker Boot

Advancements in medicine and innovations due to technology  have  given a strong perspective for orthopedic treatment leading to discovery of products making life easy even with problems such as injuries to parts of the body that offer mobility.  An example an orthopedic discovery of such kind is the CAM Walker Boot where CAM stands for “Controlled Ankle Movement” which is actually a foot brace that amazingly allows you to walk even with the most intensive injuries . The idea behind the walker is to allow minimal or no movement for the hinge of your ankle in order to treat the area damaged until it can be removed . Mostly prescribed to patients , orthopedists and physical therapist find it creatively useful in conditions such as fractures, sprains, injuries to soft tissue, stress fractures, plantar fasciitis, diabetic foot pain and for stabilization of ankle/foot.

a Cam Walker Boot

It is a simple structure that gives your Feet the intensive care even when you’re on them. Featuring padding that fits just right  to your foot to form a compact cask-like fixation onto your foot so that it is held completely in place without any movement to the ankle hinge during transport. The plastic shell serves as a strong exterior with given rubber pad support on the base to ensure that whilst use, the walker is safe from possible slipping. There is a choice of two models both offering high quality plastic shell exteriors:

1-High Cut going up to the  Calf ( 18 inches)

2-Low Cut specifically for the ankle ( 12 inches)

The reason for the need of such a design is evident and patients have appreciated the existence for such a product that lets them, once again, gain control even in meanwhile of healing. It protects as a sanctuary  to your foot and is made to exert maximized comfort.  The CAM Walker Boot is a product that:

Contour support that is adjustable and provides stability to who-so-ever uses it
Shock and impact absorbent sole for maximum safety during ambulation
Engineered rocker bottom both low and wide for extreme stability

Rubber Guard at base, insole inner foam padding and plastic exterior all endorsing safety while use
Structure easily can be removed for cleansing or other requirements for easily replacement
Adjustable hinges that can be altered to adjust amount of mobility during ambulation
Air compartments available to inhibit swelling and sweating

The best characteristics of this product is the ease of wear and ease to remove as compared to casts and other braces that do not allow for this option. Medically approved as rational orthopedic treatment, the Cam walker is the most effective protection out there for delicate issues with the feet. It maintains rigidity which is crucial in care for damaged ankle’s problems as mentioned above.  This level of stabilization paired with protection and  controlled motion is the best remedy to heel the injuries that take their time. It also is responsible for speeded cure since it keeps the area completely intact and safe from further damages.

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